I am Lyndon Johnson, AKA Christopher Davis.


I am looking forward to shooting with you at NINPAH 2016.


I am a Family Portrait, Glamour, and Fine Art photographer and our session will cover images for all three.


If you have them please bring the following for our shoot:


1) Form fitting dress or a very flowing dress. 

2) Bikini, scrunch bottom, thong, or string preferred.

3) Form fitting pants, stretch pants, stretch jeans, or shorts and a sexy top.

4) Set of lingerie

5) High heel shoes (normally black or red go with most sets) and a pair of flats.

6) Sunglasses

7) Just plain fine art you!


The more solid the color the better.  I avoid stripes and polka dots.


I will have some wardrobe items as well.


We will shoot each set as time allows


Thank you,