What is a boudoir party?

Boudoir parties are held in client homes and hotel suites. Typically 5 or more women sign up for the

session. Each woman comes for her assigned session time and leaves immediately afterwards. If they are

all close friends then they may agree to all stay together.


Will the other participants be around when I’m having my photos taken?

BOUDOIR PARTIES may be private or semi-private.


How many times a year do you hold boudoir parties?

Boudoir Parties are held whenever a client and her friends want to have one!


How many women are needed for a Boudoir Party?

Marathon sessions are limited to 5 participants.


Does the photographer cover the cost of the hotel?



Are there discounts available for Boudor Parties?

Due to the high cost of hotel suites, which the photographer covers, discounts are not available. If the party

is in a client's home or rent free location then there is a 5% discount off each order.


Does the hotel staff know what you’re doing?

We do not alert the hotel staff that we’ll be taking boudoir photos! We ask that you be discreet about it as



What time should I arrive?

You will be assigned a time slot. You should arrive at your specified time. In consideration of the other

participants in the session and the photographer, please do not arrive early. If you should arrive at the hotel

early, please wait in the lobby. We will not let you into the suite before your session time. If you should

arrive late, time will be deducted from your session. If the group agrees then you can all arrive at the same

time of course.


How much is the deposit for a marathon session?

The deposit is $200 and is non- refundable.


I would like to cancel my session. Can I have my deposit back?

Deposits paid at the time of booking are non- refundable. However, if you find a replacement we will

refund the deposit after she signs her contract and pays her deposit. If you should decide to book a boudoir

or portrait session at a later date within a year, your deposit may be applied towards that session.


Is it possible to reschedule my session?

You are welcome to reschedule session if it is 3 weeks before your session date.